The Clay Bakers

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So last week I was invited by a friend to go to a pottery painting place called ” The Clay Bakers” in Annapolis. It’s right off of Main Street so it’s super easy to find. You walk in and there are various pottery items out. The ones in the window have been painted by local artists/the staff and are for sale. As soon as you walk in, a member of the staff greets you and tells you to pick a table. There are a few tables downstairs and I’m guessing, a few upstairs. I didn’t venture upstairs. On the walls there are shelves filled with plain, white pottery ready for you to paint. They have pretty much anything you could want; teapots, mugs, plates, bowls, jugs, etc.. They even had a little Sake set, which I thought was awesome. If you are taking children there, they have little animals and fictional characters for them to paint with ease.

The price of each item is underneath of it. I chose a coffee mug. I wanted to paint a teapot at first but those were about $30 and I wasn’t looking to spend that kind of money. My mug cost $10. Once you pick your item you place it back on your table and walk over to the paint area. They have a big board on the wall with examples of what each paint color looks like with one, two, and three coats. They even have some bottles with tips on them for when you want to write something/ draw something with small details. You pick your paints, a brush or two (they have all different sizes), and a little palette and you are good to go.

My friend wanted to paint animal print on a plate but wanted some type of reference to look at. She spoke to the woman behind the counter and she printed out a picture of cheetah print for her. I chose to go with a teacup design I had seen online. A Lionel Ritchie reference.


I chose a blue and an orange/coral color because those are complimentary colors, right? Anyway, I loved it. The whole experience was fun. We just sat and talked while we got to paint like we were back in kindergarten, it was awesome. When we were finished, they had an area by a sink where you put your dirty brushes and palettes. I then walked up to the counter and gave the woman my information, put my initials and the date underneath my cup, and turned it over to her to be put in the kiln. It costs an extra $5 on anything you paint for the service charge. So I only had to pay $15. You get to pick it up in a week. Mine should be ready tomorrow and I can’t wait to get it. I highly recommend this place to anyone with an artsy side or anyone who just likes to paint. I’ll definitely be going back!



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